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FuzzYard Yeezy

FuzzYard Yeezy Reversible Bed

FuzzYard has created pet bedding that is as beautiful as it is comfortable. Flip your bed inside out to create a different look!

Gorgeous printed Black & Grey fabric – stylish in any home

Soft velvety plush your dog will love to snuggle in to.

High sides create the perfect resting place for your pup's head.

Small: 45cm x 56cm x 15cm/internal 25 cm x 36cm

Medium: 65cm x 74cm x 22cm / internal 35cm x48cm

Large: 75cm x 80cm x 27cm / internal 64cm x42cm

Material: Polyester fibre with our famous feather soft filling.

Colour-safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic.

Care Instructions: We recommend a gentle cycle, max 30ºC. Do not tumble dry.  Dry Flat

Prices From: £50.00

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